Friday, January 27, 2012

Screen Shots: Goodbye, Print Screen. Hello, Snipping Tool.

Windows Print Screen was so annoying.  I was so tired of cropping the entire screen to get the shot I wanted.  Windows 7 took some ideas from Mac and created the Snipping Tool.  No more huge screenshots showing your entire browser window.

You'll need the Windows search feature.  For Windows 7, click the Start Circle on the bottom left of your screen.  For Windows 8, hold down the Windows key will pressing "S" for Search.  In the search bar, start typing "snip" and the Snipping Tool program will appear.  Click on it.  After a moment, your mouse will turn into a thin crosshair.  Drag through your screen to take a picture of whatever you need.

When you release, the area you wanted will appear in the Snipping Tool.  Use the menus to copy, save as a jpg file, or click "New" to start over.  You may also highlight or mark up with a "pen" before you make a copy or save it.

Then paste or import the jpg wherever you want it.

I keep my Snipping Tool on my Task Bar or locked into the Start Menu for quick access.  I'll tell you how to do that in another blog.