Thursday, September 20, 2012

MS Visio – Editing Text inside an Off-Page Reference, otherwise known as Why isn’t Microsoft Consistent?

I am now learning MS Visio and need to become my office’s expert.  I’ve built a few flowcharts, but I keep wanting to improve the readability.  Today, I was creating a flowchart to explain working with our student database.  I wanted to boldface the name of each screen so it is easier to see.  I thought of this after I had already begun, so first I edited my processes, then my decisions and my subprocesses.  All that was left was editing my “off-page references.”  Well, I couldn’t get into the text to edit. 

In the other shapes or arrows, you just double-click the text to select it and edit.  In Microsoft’s supreme wisdom, this does not work in the “off-page reference.”  (That really is a silly name; may I call them OPR?)

Creating a new one involves recreating the hyperlinks, etc., so that was not the answer.   Googling doesn’t usually help much in Visio because it has a relatively small user base, at least compared to MS Word and Excel.  I tried anyway, and voila!

I found the hint on an obscure bulletin board:  there is a “text” tool in the Home tab, tools section. 

Click on the OPR shape, then click the text tool and edit away!  

Oh, and by the way, click back on the Cursor Tool to return to normal.