Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Automatically Playing an Embedded YouTube Video in PowerPoint

I'm getting ready to teach another PowerPoint class, so I got out my previous class notes.  I teach this class about once a year, and with every new update from Microsoft or Google's YouTube, I know my instructions will be out of date.  Sure enough...

First, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Microsoft has added a “Online Video” option for adding video.  It even has an option to search for a video on YouTube. Great, right?

It’s only great if you want that big red YouTube play icon right in the middle of your PowerPoint show.  You also have to click on the big red YouTube play icon to play your video.  This is not always the easiest thing to do if you are in a presentation hall and using a laser pointer.

My class is beginning PowerPoint, so of course I will show them how to do it with the big red YouTube play icon, but I was sure I could still use the old instructions.  Right?

Wrong again.  The old version used the “Old Embed Code” which is no longer available from YouTube.  I googled and googled for a workaround and found several, but none that were recognized by PowerPoint.

If finally decided to try my limited HTML skills and combine the old with the new, right?  IT WORKED!

These instructions have been updated and work as of August 2, 2016. Tomorrow, you’re on your own.
  1. Using the internet, find your YouTube video
  2. Pause the video (because it’s annoying when it’s running and you’re trying to think)
  3. Click on the word Share below the video
  4. Click on the word Embed below Share
  5. Select “SHOW MORE” below the Embed Code
  6. Select your Video size.
  7. I always deselect “Show suggested videos when the video finishes”
  8. Click the HTML code in the box so it is highlighted
  9. Right click and copy (or Ctrl C)
  10. In PowerPoint, click on the Insert tab>Online Video.
  11. Instead of using the built in YouTube search, click on the Video Embed Code box, and paste the embed code by right clicking and paste (or Ctrl P).  (You can also paste into MS Word or other text editing software to make the change below – then simply copy and paste the new code into PowerPoint.)
  12. Here is the tricky part.  After the video name which is a bunch of gobbledygook like “Oe6lBGO6OSk” you’ll see a question mark (?).  Place your cursor to the right of the question mark and type this:

(that is a semicolon, not a colon)  

That's it.  Now hit enter, and a black video box should show up on your slide.   If you get an error message, try again.  As always, preview the current slide in Slide Show tab and to see if it worked.


  1. Your list gives me many creational ideas that I can perhaps use on my web tender too. Music for youtube video

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've been searching for an hour how to do this and your instructions are the only ones that worked!


  4. Wow, incredibly helpful, thank you so much!

  5. Wow, incredibly helpful, thank you so much

  6. Thank you so much! This was so helpful!

  7. You are awesome! This worked perfectly! THANK YOU!!

  8. I dont see a question mark in my vedio!

    1. Be sure you are getting the "long" embed code. Click "Share," then click "Embed." Copy the "Embed Code." All the videos I have seen have the question-mark. If yours still doesn't after doing these steps, send me the long embed code and we'll try to figure it out.

  9. Oh my goodness you are amazing. This is really helpful.

  10. I wasn't able to get this to work. My only choices in ppt under "insert" are "online video" or "video from my PC". which should I use? neither seems to work. thanks for your help!

    1. When you select Insert>Online Video, the Insert Video window will pop up with three choices: OneDrive-Personal, YouTube, and From a Video Embed Code. Select "From a Video Embed Code."

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